And Some Wood

From passion comes space. Safe and fertile, it shelters our soul. A place where we can create and give birth.
We are a collective of woodworkers who want to share our know-how while taking care of nature.
For every piece of furniture we sell, we plant trees.
For every tree planted, we sow hope...

  • Locally sourced wood

    We take great pride in our exclusive use of wood species that are grown in Canada or the US. We are blessed to ahave a beautiful variety of wood to gracefully complete our designs both esthetically and functionally.

  • Planting trees

    Necessary? Yes. Simple? No.
    Land availability, soil type, spacing, environment, protection, etc. We're not experts in these matters, which is why we work with highly qualified partners to manage our contributions.

  • Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

    We're a cog in the ecosystem, so we have to play our part, but play it well. That's why we turn to professional partners like EcoSceno, EcoSceno, who have taught us so much and continue to do so every day.

Who's behind And Some Wood

Some of us have tried to work alone for years, before discovering that being a good craftsman doesn't necessarily mean being a good manager. Others have faced technical challenges or simply been overwhelmed by the amount of work and pressure, and run out of steam.

Together, we're stronger, better and more productive.

United, we are And Some Wood.

Co-founder / Woodworker

Alain Brassard, the tireless

A woodworker at heart, Alain is also a specialized contractor who has seen and done it all. Dedicated, hard-working and always in a good mood, he has contributed to the creation and cohesion of our collective.

Architect / Woodworker

Victor Ouellet-Boudreau, the meticulous

An architecture student, Victor is the youngest member of the collective, discreet and energetic. Passionate about complex designs and constructions, he prioritizes objectives and spares no effort to get the job done.

Founder / Woodworker

Paul Eric Pageau, the leader

Paul Eric had a vision. He recognized everyone's potential and imagined a space where we could meet to dream. He believed in it, went ahead and gave birth to the collective.